Window shades are one of the most common forms of window treatments, but recent innovations in the home decor industry have resulted in countless options for homeowners. That being said, window treatments of all kinds can help to bring out the best elements of your home and accent its top qualities. Before you decide on a window treatment, make sure you’re aware of these major benefits they’ll have on your home.


Furniture Protection


Many homeowners don’t think about this, but it does make a difference. Without proper window treatments, the furniture in your home can become faded more quickly and lose its aesthetic appeal. Window treatments help to protect your home’s furniture from the sun’s harsh rays, keeping it in good condition for years. From leather sofas and recliners to carpets and wood finishes, homeowners who have invested heavily in their home’s furniture and decor will want to make sure they also invest in the right window treatments to keep it protected.


Unique and Elegant Appearance


While window treatments come in many different varieties, many types are elegant and luxurious while offering other inherently sustainable benefits, like honeycomb shades.


“Made of spun polyester, honeycomb shades are extremely flexible, making them a good choice to fit windows of unusual shape. They come in single, double or triple combs. The combs give this product its distinctive look, but they also trap air, making these shades fair sound and thermal insulators…Light in weight, honeycombs can be installed vertically or, more conventionally, horizontally,” writes Leslie Plummer Clagett on This Old House.




As mentioned, many types of window treatments offer versatility in the sense that they work well with current and future decor and furniture styles. They aren’t likely to become outdated anytime soon, and they can be easily adjusted and altered to reflect the amount of sunlight and look you want to create in any given room.


Ultimately, window treatments are available in countless types, colors, and styles, and understanding these benefits can help you get started selecting the type that’s best for your home. For more information about window blinds and other types of window treatments, contact North Shore Window Treatments.

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